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Ira Tenax

Forest Of Unicorns

Epicus Furor/Emerald Sword  

Symphony of Enchanted Lands

Echoes of Tragedy

Heroes of the Lost Valley

A Voice In The Cold Wind

Dark Wings Of Steel

Deadly Omen

Non ho Sonno

Dawn of Victory

Unholy Warcry

The Magic of the Wizard's Dream

Guardiani del destino

Into the Legend

Distant Sky

Il Canto Del Vento

Dark Reign of Fire

Sea Of Fate

Dark Tower of Abyss

Danza Di Fuoco

Custode Di Pace

Reign of Terror

Rain of a Thousand Flames

Anima Perduta

Neve Rosso Sangue

Master Of Peace

Rain Of Fury

Son Of Pain

Old Age Of Wonders

Dragonland´s Rivers

Virgin Skies

Elgard´s Green Valleys  

Lost in Cold Dreams

Wings of destiny

Volar Sin Dolor


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