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Star One, or "Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One" is a Dutch progressive metal supergroup, and is a project of Arjen Anthony Lucassen of Ayreon.

The band released two albums in 2002 and in 2010, plus a live album in 2003, and features four different singers: Russell Allen (Symphony X), 

Damian Wilson (ThresholdHeadspace), Dan Swanö (Edge of SanityNightingale), and Floor Jansen (After ForeverReVampNightwish).

Unlike Ayreon, the albums do not follow one storyline; instead, each song is a different story with a sci-fi concept, most of the tracks based on existing movies and series. The band takes its name from the second season finale of Blake's 7. The band includes four singers alternating in all the songs, not including Arjen Lucassen, who sings occasionally, plays all guitars and keyboards and is writing and composing all the songs.

Space Metal (2002-2003)

Star One was born out of the remnants of an abandoned collaboration between Arjen Lucassen and Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson. Bruce Dickinson proposed the idea and the two exchanged ideas and put together four songs, Lucassen writing the music and Dickinson writing the lyrics. The project was abandoned however after Lucassen mentioned the project on the internet and Dickinson's manager called off negotiations. Instead of completely abandoning the material that had already been produced, Lucassen decided to put his own lyrics to the music and created Star One.

When asked on the "Ask Arjen Anything" channel of communication if there would be another Star One album, Arjen simply stated "Probably". However, he later declared: "Space Metal was really magic. I am afraid that I will fail to capture the same atmosphere and actually ruin it! I am actually against sequels; you cannot repeat the same atmosphere and feeling like you had with the first album."

Victims of the Modern Age  (2009-2010)

In an interview conducted by Ragnarok Radio in October 2009 Arjen stated Star One is "definitely not dead."

In October 2009 in another interview, with, Arjen said he was working on what might become another Star One album: "In the meantime I will be working on a new, heavier album. Possible a new Star One album, but then again things never work out the way I plan them", and in a November 2009 interview with, Arjen stated that he was definitely working on a new Star One album and that he had already written and recorded a song.  

In March 2010, a "demo listening party" was held where several members of the messageboard were allowed to listen to the first (only instrumental) demos for the new Star One album. In August of the same year, Arjen revealed the title of this second album, Victims of the Modern Age, and announced that it was ready. The album was released in October 2010.

In a Q&A in August 2018, Arjen stated that returning to Star One was "always an option, it's the same as with all my other projects. For Star One, I have to be in a certain mood, because it's based on guitar riffs." He confirmed that his next project would not be a Star One album, as his latest work, the Ayreon album The Source, was already heavy-oriented, and stated that if a new Star One album came to be, it would probably be with different singers.


The music of Star One is heavier than that of Lucassen's, progressive rock/metal opera project Ayreon, drawing influences from 1970s space rock and blending them with modern progressive metal. Lucassen explained that the songwriting was different in that Star One songs are built on guitar riffs whereas Ayreon songs stem primarily off chord arrangements. However, similarities still exist mainly in the song arrangements, the multi-layered vocals, and the use of synthesizers and Hammond organs as part of the main instrumentation.

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Space Metal (2002)

Live on Earth (2003) live

Victims of the Modern Age (2010)


Sir Russell Allen (Symphony X) - vocals        (2002–present)

Damian Wilson (ThresholdHeadspace) - vocals  (2002–present)

Dan Swanö (Edge of SanityNightingale) - vocals  (2002–present)

Floor Jansen (After ForeverReVampNightwish) vocals (2002–present)

Arjen Anthony Lucassen (AyreonAmbeonGuilt Machine, ex-Vengeance, ex-Stream of Passion)   guitars, keyboards, mellotron, Hammond, solina strings, various others, occasional vocals      (2002–present)

Peter Vink (HDK, ex-Q65) - bass (2002–present)

Ed Warby (GorefestAyreon) - drums         (2002–present)

Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery) - guitar solos  (2002–present)

Joost van den Broek (After ForeverReVamp) - keyboards solos (2003–present)

Former live members

The band toured in 2003 only. The only members of the studio line-up who weren't presents were Dan Swanö and Gary Wehrkamp.

Robert Soeterboek (ex-Erik Norlander)  vocals (Dan Swanö vocal parts)

Irene Jansen - backing vocals (only sang her sister Floor's backing vocals parts along her)  

Ewa Smarzyńska (ex-Quidam) - flute

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